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Friends of Fyodor

Founded in 2010 the „Friends of Fyodor“ are committed to the collecting, recovering and editing of the work of our friend and father Fyodor Arsenyevich Moon.

Over the last 15 or 20 years Fyodor’s work has accumulated to an oeuvre of several hundred pictures. But he always showed reluctance whenever we proposed to publish them until now. In may 2011 he left us again to frolic his passion of „going astray“. And this time he handed us over a trunk full of age old computers and floppy discs stuffed with his pictures, and allowed us „to do with them what we couldn’t help doing“.

Alas, the disks are partly in a very bad condition. Some files are damaged, some in long forgotten file formats. So we will be only able to post Fyodor’s pictures by and by and it will take us some time until we have an overview of his work.

D. M., Kiev, August 2011

Some parts of Fyodor’s vault:

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Where you can find us:

FoF Berlin, c/o Karsten Hein, Crellestr. 20, 10827 Berlin, Germany

FoF Karpaty, Ul. Fedkovycha 15/1 , 78500 Yaremche, Ukraine

FoF Kiev, c/o Dunya Moon, Pl. 40-richya Zhovtnya 70, 03040 Kiev, Ukraine